Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkin Spiced French Toast with Fresh Whipped Cream and Pecans

There is no better way to start off a Sunday morning than a plate of french toast. I put a twist on this classic to bring in the flavors of the season.

  • Freihofer's French Toast Bread
  • 4 eggs
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Whipping Cream
  • Chopped Pecans
  • Maple Syrup
This recipe made 6 slices of french toast. Get the whipped cream going first. I use the Kitchen Aid stand mixer to save myself the hassle of standing there with a whisk forever to get it to whip. Put about 1 cup of whipping cream in the stand mixer and put it on a high speed and let it go for a while. Whipped cream isn't exactly fast to make, but it is worth it. Once it starts to thicken up add a little sugar depending on how sweet you like your whipped cream. I don't use very much, maybe a tsp if that. Then beat the eggs in a dish until the yolks are blended in completely. Before you dip each slice of bread, sprinkle sugar and pumpkin pie spice on the top of the eggs.

Once both sides of the bread have been dipped in egg add it to a preheated skillet that has plenty of butter so it won't stick. Flip once you have a golden brown color and remember that the second side always cooks faster than the first side!

Finish it off by putting it on your plate with a dollop of fresh cream, a sprinkle of pecans and a drizzle of maple syrup! Enjoy!


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